REVIEW: Tic Tac Snack Original (Indonesia)

Rating: ©©-3/4 chips  (tolerable)

tic-tac-snack-originalHello all!  It’s time to introduce chip-snack-thing #2 from our gift box full of goodies that we recently received from our new friends at MunchPak.

We first mentioned this fantastic goodie box a couple of weeks ago in our review of Japanese Consomme flavored Pringles; which we thought were decently tasty.

MunchPak’s goodie box included chips from all over the globe.  From Germany and Korea, to Ireland and Japan.  Today’s reviewed snack apparently hails from Indonesia!  Exactly which one of Indonesia’s 13,000 islands these came from, we have no clue.

Our initial thoughts of Tic Tac’s Gobstopper-size snack balls were actually of Newton’s balls; which you may technically know better as Newton’s cradle.  And if that still doesn’t ring a bell for ya, we’re talking about that thing – CLICK-CLACK – that sits on top of those nice corner office desks – CLICK-CLACK – with the metal balls hanging by strings….the ones that never, ever stop CLICK-CLACKING once they start going.  We’re guessing that it has something to do with Physics…  Either way, Tic Tac’s little white snack balls made us think of Newton’s balls, probably because of their name more than anything.

Second thoughts…..these are not THOSE Tic Tacs!  These snack balls WILL NOT improve your breath in any way, shape, or form!

Tic Tac’s texture really reminded us of Kix cereal.  And that was because, well, it had exactly the same texture as Kix cereal.  Light and crunchy, and sort of melt-able like the best cheese puffs.  However, we’re guessing that Tic Tac’s may or may not be kid tested, and we’re certainly hoping that they are not mother approved…..

Let us put it this way, Tic Tacs do not taste bad necessarily, they sort of have this savory-sweet-salty thing going on.  They are made up of tapioca powder (safe enough), palm oil (high saturated fat), and flavored with garlic, MSG, and…. Aspartame!  Oh yeah, the old A.M.G. flavor combo!!  In other words, Tic Tacs are probably the farthest thing away from being all natural that we have come across in a long time.  Honestly, it was sort of hard eating these after we knew that they basically consisted of two artificial flavor enhancers that may do amazing things for flavoring food, but that have also been known to be unhealthy for our bodies.

There you have it, another foreign pack of munchies from our MunchPak box of goodies.

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Tic Tacs provided to Chip Review by MunchPak for review

Dua Kelinci Official Website

MunchPak Official Website

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