BIJOU-REVIEW: The Better Chip – Radish Chia Tortilla Chips

Rating: ©©©-1/4 chips  (notable)

the-better-chip-radish-chiaDo not adjust your dial, or screen….

It is true, your eyes are not deceiving you….

These are in fact RADISH flavored chip!

Now, we’ve been in the chip game a long, long time, but this is definitely a new first.  Sure, there have been plenty of other weird flavors out there; we’re looking at you beet, and cappuccino, and feijoada, and marmite, but radish is right up there with the weirdest of them!

Unfortunately, we have tasted much better chips from The Better Chip company.

Now, these are not bad tortilla chips by any means.  They deliver a rustic, course ground corn tortilla texture that mingles with the little nutty pop of the chia seeds.

They also provided a perfectly ample amount of salt and garlic seasoning.

What the chips did not do was exude any sort of radish AT ALL!  Nada!  Nunca!!  Nothin’!!!

To say that we were disappointed by these would be absolutely correct.  We were really hoping to taste some pungently spicy radish flavored tortilla chips.  Alas, we will just have to wait for some better chips to actually do that!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Discovered at Byerly’s; St. Cloud, Minnesota

The Better Chip Official Website

Chip Ratings Scale:

(1/4 increments)

©© tolerable

©©© – notable

©©©© – lip-smacking

©©©©©“A” list

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