BIJOU-REVIEW: Go Lite! – Sweet Maui Onion Popped Chips

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Go Lite! - Sweet Maui Onion Popped ChipsWe’re going to be honest here, these Go Lite! chips surprised the heck out of us!!  Seriously, we did not expect to like them, let alone, love them as much as we do.

First of all, “Lite!” is definitely “Right!”  These chips are light as air.  Crispy, and yet delivering that rich, melt-y, mouth texture we love from great cheese puffs.

Only 100 calories, wow! Cassava – we a-love-ya!!

The Sweet Maui Onion seasoning not only compliments the popped Cassava chips flawlessly, but it also tingles the taste buds with an intriguingly sweet, and salty, and sort of sour onion essence.  The flavor is simple, and rich, and surprisingly, DELICIOUSLY LITE!

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