REVIEW: Gringo Jack’s – Chile Rubbed Handmade Flour Tortilla Chips

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Gringo Jack's - Chile Rubbed Flour Tortillas


Alright, we have something we need to admit.  Initially, we were going to give these chips a very low rating.  We were simply turned off by their extremely unique texture.  However, all of that changed once we took a second mouth trip to these chips, and accepted them for what they really are – flour tortilla chips.  Gringo Jack, please accept our apologies.

Before even tasting Gringo Jack’s handmade flour tortilla chips we were assuming that their texture would be no different than that of pita chips.  Because really, isn’t that what a pita chip is?  A thicker, really crunchy, wheat FLOUR based chips?  Well, we couldn’t have been more wrong about the mouth feel of Gringo Jack’s flour chips.  We should have known we were in for something special when Gringo Jack’s packaging made comments (or warning labels) like, “uniquely flaky,” and “a whole new chip experience,” as well as “take a bite…you’ve never tasted anything like it.”

The flour chip’s texture definitely takes some getting used to.  At first, we thought they were weird, with a very light, and unsatisfying crunch.  But, as we ate more of the chips, their flaky, layered texture grew on us.  It is almost as if we were chewing down through the flaky layers of a greasy, and crispy pastry chip (if that makes sense?).  However, one of the negative aspects of this texture and style is that these chips are very fragile, and therefore crumbly.  It appears that Gringo Jack is well aware of this crummy predicament, because on the back of the packaging it reads, “Tip: save the flaky crumbs and use as a fun topping for salads!”  If we ate salads, we’d definitely consider this!

The overall chili rub flavor that coats these chips was nothing astonishing, but there was definitely lots of it.  Loads of smoky chile powder simply overwhelm everything else in the flavor blend.  The chile powder is so predominant, that even the salt was lost under the chile cloud, resulting in a very one note tasting chip.  Seasoning without salt  is like a balloon without air, it’s flat!  Luckily, the chile powder itself was flavorful, and did bring quite a bit of the heat that lingered on the backs of our tongues for an extended period of time.

We are fairly certain that flour tortilla chips won’t be replacing corn tortilla chips any time soon, but none the less, we do appreciate Gringo Jack’s unique contribution to the chip game!

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