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Vale D’ouro – Tradicional Biscoito de Polvilho

(translation – according to company website: yucca starch salt cookie..?!?)

Rating: ©-1/4 chips  (return to sender)

Vale D'ouro - Biscoito de Polvilho Tradicional


This snack is really BAD… B-A-D…..

How bad is it???

So bad, that we are required (most likely by law) to tell you to try them yourselves; only for the simple fact that we want others to experience, and suffer, in the same way we already have…..

However, just for a split second, we thought that maybe we could be misunderstanding these cookie-puffs…maybe we were being unfairly harsh, and it was actually a culture thing that we were having difficulty with…you see, these snacks are from Brazil.  But, upon a second tasting it was confirmed, these are simply not appealing.  Good flavor should be able to transcend cultures, and continents, and does in so many cases, which confirms that these Yuca Snacks are the exact opposite!!!

Translated as ‘cookies’ by the Vale D’ouro website, these Yuca Snacks in our opinion are certainly not cookies…we would classify them more in the crunchy puff category, only with a much more crisp exterior.  Vale D’ouro use cassava/yucca flour to produce their snack, and for those of you unfamiliar with the South American / African tuber staple, we would best describe it as a wonderfully versatile starch akin to our potato.  According to Wikipedia “Cassava is the third most important source of calories in the tropics, after rice and maize.”

Well, we have tried Cassava in many of its forms and it is only fair to say that these cookie-puffs are truly some of the most unappealing tasting snacks, of any type, we have ever encountered in our many years of snacking; and to really try and describe them to you using words, will do no justice, but here we go anyways… imagine burnt-ish, oily, nearly no salt or seasoning, dusty-cassava-flour-crunchy puffs that make it hard to swallow….

The only reason we gave them one quarter more than our lowest rating possible, (and not our lowest) was due to their unique exaggerated peanut shaped design – it was unlike anything we have encountered.  They kind of reminded us of the shape of these little sunglasses we are supposed to wear at the tanning salons (does anyone really wear those…?).

If any of you out there have tried these we would love to hear what you think.  As always, this is just our opinion.

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