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pringles-consommeThis past week Chip Review was lucky enough to be shipped a box full of different chips, and chip like snacks, from our new friends at MunchPak.  The box included chips from all over the globe.  Everywhere from Germany and Korea, to Ireland and of course Japan.  It was would be fair to say that the majority of these chips were new to us.

So, who is this MunchPak?  Well, according to their website:

At MunchPak we are just a bunch of devoted snackers! We love to share our passion for foreign and familiar snacks with you and therefore only ship out a MunchPak that we ourselves would enjoy. We also strive to make your MunchPak experience on our site fast, convenient, and customizable….  Whether you’re sticking to your usual treats or are a more adventurous snacker, you can easily customize your order to include your favorites or be able to add a different kind of rare item that you wouldn’t have normally tried. No other subscription based snack service offers such customization and customer driven choices. We aim to satisfy even your most insatiable snack cravings. No one makes it as easy or as convenient to discover the best snacks from around the world like MunchPak does!

Well, that sure sounds like a cool concept to us.  And, in case you are interested in such a service, make sure to tune in and pay attention to the unique chips we will be reviewing over the next few weeks.

First up from our worldly munch-pack are these Consomme flavored Pringles from Japan.  Just in case there are any of you out there who do not know what consomme is, basically it is concentrated broth or stock.  In other words, a clarified soup.

The Japanese Pringles are a bit smaller in size than our U.S. version, as well as, a bit thicker, with a more hearty than crispy crunch.  We prefer the U.S. Pringles.  As for the consomme seasoning, well, these taste pretty darn accurate.  In other words, the crisps tastes just like they have been coated in a  chicken flavored ramen seasoning packet, or a crushed buillion cube.  The seasoning is salty and works fairly well with the potato crisps.

All in all, these Japanese Pringles were notably good.  We think that we would have liked liked this flavor even a bit more on our U.S. Pringles, but we get it, that is sort of like saying that we want to have our chips, and eat them too!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Pringles provided to Chip Review by MunchPak for review

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