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Okay, maybe we are cheating just a little bit by including two different mixes with our choice for #17 on this year’s 25 Chips to Christmas; but in our defense there are only so many spots on the list, plus they are both delicious mixes unlike any others we had tried before them.  Seriously, if you are a fan of sweet, salty and spicy snacks, then either one of these unique mixes should be on your ‘must find list’!!  You can thanks us later!

REVIEW: It’s Freakin’ Awesome Nosh Bag

Rating: ©©©©-1/2 chips  (lip-smacking)

It's Freakin' AwesomeWow, this stuff really is Freakin’ Awesome!  Seriously, it literally is It’s Freakin’ Awesome Nosh Bag!!

Every so often we cross paths with a chip or snack that is a first of its kind.  Heck, just last week we tried our first Mojo Criollo flavored chips, along with chips made from egg whites!  And, what we have here is plain and simple, unlike any other snack, of any sort, that we have ever tried!! It is FREAKIN’ UNIQUE!  It is FREAKIN’ LIP-SMACKING!  It is FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!  May we just point out the product advisory from the back of the bag: “This disruptive tasting snack has corrupted the palates of NCAA athletes to 87-year-old grandmothers.”  Well, let the delicious disruption begin!

First of all, listen to this line-up of just some of the ingredients: peanuts, almonds, dried cranberries, something like, if not, Crispix corn & rice cereal pieces, and caramelized tortilla chips!  CARAMELIZED TORTILLA CHIPS!!  All mingling with spices like cinnamon, cayenne and garlic!  The creative mix definitely leans towards the sweeter end of the flavor spectrum.  However, remaining just savory enough for our own personal taste preferences from the generous usage of peanuts and almonds!  And just sour and tangy enough from the the dried cranberries.  We also absolutely love all of the contrasting textural elements.  Crispy Crispix, crunchy nuts, chewy dried cranberries and crackly corn tortilla chips – oh my!

Did we mention the CARAMELIZED TORTILLA CHIPS yet?!  A golden hued, glossy sugar glaze, coated much of the product inside the Nosh Bag, but none more so than the tortilla chips.  Why this ingenious combination hasn’t been done before (if it has we are unaware), we have no clue!  The thick-ish coating of crystallized sugar envelops the tortilla chips, adding a crispy layer of sweetness that perfectly compliments the natural corn sugars. Sprinkle on a dash of fragrant cinnamon, spicy cayenne and pungent garlic, and our taste buds were shocked and amazed!  If we had one complaint it would most likely be that we could have used a bit more salt included in the equation, but again that is our own personal preference.

The myriad of contrasting ingredients are amazingly cohesive, and despite the unique combination they tasted oddly familiar?  But, we just can’t quite pinpoint what it is…?  Does this combo taste like delicious Nutter Butter cookies?  Caramel corn?  Or, is it a Butter Finger candy bar?  Could it be one of the hundreds of different types of Girl Scout Cookies available today?  In the end, we’re pretty sure it is likely some sort of Christmas cookies that grandma used to make, but frankly we don’t care as long as we have this Nosh Bag in our lives (we say as we shake the bag above our mouths to get those last little crumbs!)!!

We’re not sure if this amazing stuff is available for sale at any retail outlets (you’ve got to be freakin’ kiddin’ us!?!), but we do know that you can clink on their website below and get it headed your way right fast!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

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REVIEW: Chex Chips – Caramelized Onion

Rating: ©©©© chips  (lip-smacking)

Chex Chips - Caramelized Onion


Most of us here at Chip Review are from the generation raised on homemade Chex Mix!  Not the Chex Mix that kids these days are growing up with, but the kind that was so deliciously saturated with unctuous amounts of butter and Worcestershire sauce, that it took the mix pieces forever to crisp back up again in the oven.  The O.M. – Original Mix!  Absolutely delicious!  Granted, many of us referred to this “classical” delicious mix as Doo Dads, rather than Chex Mix, however, that’s another story.

So, what exactly are Chex Chips?  Well, lets imagine that someone took all of the Chex pieces out of the Chex Mix, and this same someone then took each of those pieces and placed them under that laser from ‘Honey I Shrunk The Kids.  Not knowing how to accurately use the machine, rather than shrink the pieces they used the laser to enlarge the Chex pieces into giant-jumbo Chex pieces!  So large in fact, that they could be classified as Chex Chips!!

If “unique is what you seek.  You’re about to experience a multigrain chip like no other.  A bigger, puffier version of the Chex square. You’ll love that unique pattern in a light and crunchy chip.”  Chex Chips are not much different than other puffed, or popped, multigrain chips on the market today.   They are airy, crisp, light, with a slightly melt-able texture reminiscent of a good corn puff.  However, we think that Jack over at The Impulsive Buy said it best in his review of the chips that “the texture of Chex Chips is a wonderfully effective hybrid somewhere between the puffiness of Bugles and the crispiness of the late (and well missed) Doritos 3D. Much less flimsy than their breakfast cereal brethren.”

The criss-crossed chips are loaded with caramelized onion flavor!  A rich, sweet, and flavorful onion presence that doesn’t overwhelm us with onion, but simply highlight the greatest aspects of it.  A great seasoning blend that compliments the Chex Chips.  We are more than happy to say – welcome to the chip game Chex!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Discovered at 7-Eleven; Burr Ridge, Illinois

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