REVIEW: Sabritas – Fiesta Mix – Favoritas (Cheetos, Turbos Flamas, Rancheritos, Sabritones)

Rating: ©©©-1/2 chips  (notable)


This snack mix is a combination of Sabrita’s (Frito Lay’s Latin American line of snacks) greatest hits.  All of them sporting a flavor often targeted at the Latin American market (ie. lime, chile, spicy, etc.). Think of these as Mexico’s version of Munchies…

What do we get in Sabritas Favoritas Party Mix?  Well: Cheetos – tiny versions of their Puffs (imagine Puffs cut into 3rds) covered in a slightly spicy green and red seasoning; Turbos Flamas – what we like to refer to at Chip Review as Fritos gone all rotini pasta crazy, and then covered in the traditional flamin’ hot Frito Lay seasoning; Rancheritos – which in our opinion are tiny versions of Doritos discontinued Ranchero (garlic, onion, lime, chili) flavored tortilla chips; and finally, a product we were unfamiliar with: Sabritones – which after a little research we realize that we have seen the product numerous times on our grocery store shelves, but never tried before; we can only describe them as Sabritas chile-lime flavored non-pork version of chicharrones / pork rinds (hence the play on the name: Sabritas + Chicharrones = Sabritones ( – the pork).

The mix works together nicely, but isn’t really anything special.

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