REVIEW: Cheetos Horneados – Bolitas (Baked Cheetos – Spicy/Chili-Cheese Balls)

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Cheetos - Spicy Cheese Balls


Two things we noticed even before ripping into this bag of Mexican Cheetos.

First, we think it is kind of humorous when a chip company decides not to commit to naming the flavor they are offering.  Rather, they simply present it to us using a picture of those few key ingredients that best describe the flavor.  In this case, similar to some of our most favorite chips from 2013, Cheetos has opted to present us with a white, holey block of cheese (which we typically associate with Swiss, however we highly doubt that this is what the flavor is supposed to be), and a red chili pepper.  More than likely, this flavor is supposed to taste something along the lines of chili cheese, or hot & spicy cheese, but who really knows…

Secondly, in breaking news – according to the illustration of Chester Cheetah on the front of the bag above, he appears to in fact be left handed!!  Our assumption of this has been determined due to the recognition of the placement of his baseball mitt on the right hand.  Typically, the throwing arm (the one without the glove) is the dominant hand, and in this case it is his left.  May we just say, Chester Cheetah being left handed explains so much!!

As for getting to our actual review of Cheetos Hot & Spicy Cheese Balls, we are sorry to inform you that these Cheetos cheese balls are not very hot or spicy at all.  Rather, they surprised us all with a slightly zippy, smoky, bacon flavor.  Combined with the standard sharp and salty cheese coating, the flavor experience was certainly unexpected, and not representative of the picture depicted on the front of the bag.  Luckily for us, despite their flavor misrepresentation, as is so often the case with melt-in-you-mouth cheese balls, we still found them very easy to consume by the handful!!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think. Agree or disagree, let us know.

Discovered at Shell Gas Station; Darien, Illinois

Cheetos Mexico Official Website

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