Salt & Pepper Chips – Tell us what you think


Chip Review’s Top 5 Salt & Pepper Flavored Chips:

1. Poore Brothers – Salt & Cracked Pepper Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

1. Terra Yukon Gold – Salt & Pepper Potato Chips

3. Kettle Brand – Salt & Fresh Cracked Pepper Krinkle Cut Potato Chips

4. Better Made – Salt & Pepper Potato Chips

5. Snyder’s of Hanover – Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Pretzel Pieces

Chip Review’s 25 Chips to Christmas – 2012

Well, that concludes our countdown of Chip Review’s Top 25 Chips of the Year!!!  We hope you enjoyed reading about them as much as we enjoyed writing about (and devouring) them!!

Once again, it has been a true pleasure sharing our thoughts with all of you as we chomped our way through hundreds of bags, and thousands of calories 🙂  Thanks to all of you who follow us each and every day.  We appreciate it, and we wouldn’t be here without each and everyone of you!!  Also, a very special thanks to those companies who graciously provided their products for us to review.  It’s a tough job (especially for our waistlines), but someone has got to do it.

For any of you who missed the list, you can check out the entire list below.  2012 was one heck of a year! Stay tuned for all new reviews beginning the first of the year!!  Until then, sit back and enjoy the holidays.

25 Chips to Christmas_blurred_with trees

#25 – Herr’s – Deep Dish Pizza Cheese Curls

#24 – Laurel Hill – Pumpkin Seed Tortilla Chips

#23 – Food Should Taste – Good Kettle Corn Tortilla Chips

#22 – Deep River Snacks – New York Spicy Dill Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

#21 – Dakota Style – Blaze ‘N Hot Kettle Chips

#20 – Better Made – Salt & Pepper Potato Chips

#19 – The Billy Goat Chip Company – Original Potato Chips

#18 – Doritos – Intense Pickle

#17 – Ruffles Ultimate – Kickin’ Jalapeno Ranch Potato Chips

#16 – Popcorn, Indiana – Chip’ins – Classic BBQ Popcorn Chips

#15 – Pretzel Crisps – Chipotle Cheddar Deli Style

#14 – Wild Riceworks – Sea Salt & Black Sesame Gourmet Wildrice Crisps

#13 – Pringles – Limited Time Only! Chile con Queso

#12 – Flamous – Falafel Chips Spicy

#11 – Food Should Taste Good – Chocolate Tortilla Chips

#10 – Laurel Hill – Sweet Chili 40% Reduced Fat Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

#9 – Smartfood Selects – Buffalo Cheddar Popcorn

#8 – Ruffles – Sour Cream ‘N Bacon Potato Chips

#7 – De-lish-us – Original Cheese Potato Chips

#6 – Kettle Brand – Limited Batch Salsa with Mesquite Potato Chips

#5 – Pretzel Crisps – Cinnamon Toast

#4 – Doritos – Tangy Buffalo Wing

#3 – Better Made – Red Hot! Barbeque Potato Chips

#2 – The Better Chip – Jalapeno and Sea Salt Tortilla Chips

#1 – Hawaiian – Mango Habanero Kettle Style Potato Chips

**Chip Review’s Top 25 list of the Year consists of chips that we tasted and reviewed during the 2012 calendar year for the first time.  The chips are not necessarily new to the industry, but they were new to Chip Review in 2012!