REVIEW: Meijer – Honey Butter Potato Chips

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Meijer - Honey ButterIt was just days ago that we told you how we usually try to refrain from reviewing, what we refer to as, “generic” grocery store lines of chips (but we just couldn’t help ourselves with 365’s Tamarind Baked Naan Chips).  But, that every once in a while those “generic” brands give us something so special, so delicious, that we just HAVE TO review them!  Well, in this case that something happens to be so WEIRD, or UNIQUE, that we just feel inclined to review them!

That’s right, your eyes do not deceive you, those are in fact HONEY BUTTER flavored potato chips to our left! We’re not even going to question whether or not you have ever tried honey butter.  If you are sitting at your computer right now, reading a review for some potato chips, and yet have never tried honey butter on anything, anywhere, you are not living!  Stop what you are doing, find some popovers, or cornbread, or whatever, and slather them up with some butter mixed with honey!  Get your honey butter on immediately!!

Okay, before we delve into our review of Meijer’s Honey Butter flavored potato chips it is certainly worth mentioning that nearly one year ago Mr. Junk Food Guy himself reviewed, and enlightened us with, THE HONEY BUTTER flavored chips – Calbee Honey Butter Flavored Potato Chips!  From what we read in JFG’s review, Calbee’s honey butter flavored chips are a worldwide phenomenon, that all started in Korea, which now has inspired honey butter flavored followers worldwide…..that being said, we have in fact only seen this one other thus far…..but still, a follower!

Meijer’s Honey Butter flavored potato chips tow a very, very thin line between being deliciously unique, and tasty, or being artificially over-sweet, and putrid.  That line can easily sway, or snap, from one chip to the next depending upon your own personal experience with the flavor.  In other words, even we ourselves were torn between loving and hating these chips! They are certainly sweet, coated with a heavy dusting of honey powder.  The sweetness interplays with the salt level very well.  As for the “buttery” aspect, well it conjured instant thoughts of Herr’s Fire Roasted Sweet Corn chips; in other words, some of the most disgusting chips that we have ever tried.  However, this time we did not find the fake buttery flavor nearly as gross on these potato chips as we did on Herr’s.  Whether that is due to slight flavor variances, or if we simply accept this flavor combination more so than the other – who knows?!?  What we do know is that in the end we decided (based on the completely empty bag lying in front of us), that our lip-smacking love for these chips outweighed our disgust.

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think. Agree or disagree, let us know.

Chips discovered at….where else – Meijer; Bolingbrook, Illinois

Meijer Official Website

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