REVIEW: Route 11 – Mama Zuma’s Revenge Potato Chips

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Route 11 - Mama Zuma's Revenge - HabaneroBy now, most of you know that it is no secret here at Chip Review we love our hot and spicy chips!  We are always on the lookout for any sort of new spicy chips that we can find!!  Heat seekers!  And while it seems like there are so many spicy new chips hitting the market each and every day, none of those chips would even exist if it weren’t for those “classics” that paved the fiery way for those other chips!

The story of Mama Zuma’s Revenge is a great story!  Apparently, since she lost the love of her life in a bizarre and tragic potato peeler accident, she has been hell bent on burning every mouth she kisses with her special brand of passion.  Her weapons are the hottest jalapeno and habanero peppers this side of the Rio Grande.  In other words, be forewarned and keep your distance!

Like we’ve said in the past, Route 11 has some of the best packaging design in the potato chip market, bar none!  Mama Zuma’s Revenge (as you can see) is no different – creatively artsy.  She’s so spicy that she is carrying a burning red habanero, every cactus she passes goes up in flames, and she has a bandolier loaded for more chiles!!  Route 11’s packaging is simply creative, fun and very well executed!  And when compared to a few of the ridiculous bags we have seen recently (sorry Brad), Route 11 really shines.

Mama Zuma’s Revenge potato chips have been available for years, and we know that we’ve tried them a handful of times over the years, but for one reason or another, we never put our thoughts down on paper, or keyboard.  So, after grabbing another bag a couple of days ago we thought, hey, why not tell the world about these fiery chips?  So…

These chips are a single dash away from being practically perfect.  The chips have some great flavor profiles, like smoky, sweet, garlic, and chile notes.  Like Route 11 describes them, a combo of habanero and barbeque.  But, what these chips are really missing, and what we really wish there was more of was S – A – L – T!!  Salt!!  Salt-salt-salt!  Due to their lack of salt, all of the great flavors we just mentioned seemed toned down a bit, and sort of muted.  A good sprinkling of salt would emphasize and enhance those flavor notes so much, and really take these chips to the next tasty level!

The potato chips themselves are top notch.  Semi-thick, crunchy, kettle cooked potato potato chips, with lots of potato flavor, and just the right amount of oiliness to them.  We would rank the chips themselves up there with some of the best!

While these potato chips may not seem like they are the hottest chips at first, their sneaky, delayed, habanero heat, brings the spicy vengeance!  We’re pretty sure that back in their day these chips were one of the hottest chips around!  On a heat scale, we would give these chips a solid 7 out of 10.  Hot for sure, but not burn your mouth and stop eating!

So, there you have it, beware of Mama Zuma’s Revenge, not because she will scorch you (unless you are a real woosy!), but because she may leave you wanting for more salt!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Discovered at Pete’s Fresh Market; Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois

Route 11 Official Website

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