REVIEW: Original Pom-Bear – The Teddy Shaped Potato Snack

Rating: ©-3/4 chips  (return to sender)



Original Pom-Bear, the Teddy Shaped Potato Snacks, are yet another one among the many, of unique snacks sent to us all the way from Crisp Nation in the U.K.

Unfortunately, we don’t have very much (good) to say about this snack.  Then again, maybe we are judging them too harshly, and we should just let them be, what they are succeeding to be – ‘Teddy Shaped Potato Snacks’.  However, when we eat, and review, snacks of any sort, we judge those snacks against all other snacks, and we simply want to be wowed.  What is a review if it isn’t an assessment of something, compared to other things?  And based on that criteria, we were not huge fans of these.

They are shaped exactly like the three teddy snacks on the front of the bag, so they have successfully executed that aspect of themselves.  And, as far as we can tell, they are made from some sort of lightly compressed potato flakes (their texture and flavor remind us slightly of Popchips).  So, based on those two criteria, these Pom-Bears are acceptable, but there was nothing else to them.  They were boring.  They were fairly flavorless.  They were nothing to write home about.

Maybe if we grew up eating these, then we would feel some sort of nostalgic love towards the memory of eating them, but we did, so there is not.

Agree or disagree, let us know what you think.

Original Pom-Bear provided to Chip Review from our good friend Josh at Crisp Nation

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