REVIEW: Alaska Chip Company – Theatre Style Buttered Popcorn

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Alaska Chip Co - Buttered PopcornIsn’t it sort of funny when a company who describes itself as a quote ‘chip company’ decides to make something other than chips.  In this case we have Alaska Chip Company giving us their version of Theatre Style Buttered Popcorn.  That being said, when the popcorn is this delicious we don’t really care what the company calls itself!!

Some of us here at Chip Review went and saw ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’ at the movie theater this weekend.  Pretty fun movie, we could recommend it.  Well, we of course love getting the biggest bucket of buttered popcorn when we are at the movies (air high-five if you are one of those people as well).  You know the size that the theater offers free refills of because they figure who the heck is going to eat all of that popcorn, and probably at the same time, who the heck spends that much money on popped corn with butter topping??  Well, we are those people, and we love to prove the theater wrong and ask for a refill just before we leave, so we can bring it home and enjoy it later that night.  You know there just has never really been anything out there on the store shelves that compares to the real thing…. UNTIL NOW!!

Alaska Chip Company’s Theatre Style Buttered Popcorn tastes just like the real thing!!  This is some fantastic popcorn!  Seriously, this stuff transported us right back to those giant red comfy lounger seats!  All we had to do was close our eyes and imagine that we were holding that big cardboard tub of finger licking, buttered popcorn!  Of course the popcorn wasn’t warm, and of course it didn’t get our fingers quite as greasy, but seriously, this is far and away the closest thing we have found to actual buttered movie theater popcorn.  There’s nothing more to say.  We rest our case!

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