Top 5 – Pretzels

Chip Review’s Top 5 Pretzels:


Chip Review’s Top Pretzels:

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Top 5 – Plain, Salted, Traditional (you know) Regular Potato Chips

Chip Review’s Top 5 Plain/Salted/Traditional/Regular Potato Chips:

Plain-Salt- Potato_Top5

Chip Review’s Top 5 Plain/Salted/Traditional/Regular Potato Chips:

1. Rusty’s Island Chips

2. Old Dutch – Rip-L

tie 3. Better Made – Rainbow Old Fashioned Dark

tie 3. Herr’s Kettle Cooked – Dark Russet Potato Chips

4. The Original Saratoga Chips

5. Kettle Brand – Sea Salt

runner-up: Terra – Yukon Gold Potato Chips

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Top 5 – Popcorn

Chip Review’s (sort of….) Top 5 Popcorn:


Chip Review’s Top 5 Popcorn:

tie 1. Chef’s Shoppe – Hot Cheese Line (Sriracha / Beer Popcorn)

tie 1. Greg “B.A.” Anders – Fire Corn (Real Jalapeño / Real White Cheddar Jalapeño Popcorn)

3. Ziggy’s – Kettle Corn (Sweet & Salty / Happenin’ Jalapeño)

4. Palo Popcorn – White Cheddar Cheese

5. Jenny’s Old Fashioned – Hot Cheese Popcorn

runner-up: Cobs – Cheddar Cheese Popcorn

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Top 5 – Ranch Flavored Chips

Chip Review’s Top 5 7 Ranch Flavored Chips:


Chip Review’s Top 5 7 Ranch Flavored Chips:

1. Doritos – Cooler Ranch

2. Snyder’s of Hanover – Buttermilk Ranch Pretzel Pieces

3. Doritos – Blazin’ Buffalo & Ranch

4. Cape Cod – Kettle Cooked Farm Stand Ranch Waffle Cut Potato Chips

5. Pringles Tortillas – Southwestern Ranch

runner-up: Vitner’s – Cool Ranch Crunchy Cheese Curls

2nd runner-up: Popcorn Indiana Chip’ins – Jalapeno Ranch Popcorn Chips

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REVIEW: Doritos – Salsa Verde!

Rating: ©©©©© chips  (“A” list)

Doritos Salsa Verde


These are the Doritos, that took Doritos, from Doritos, to DORITOS, for each and every one of us here at Chip Review!!!  The best Doritos ever, bar none, we’re not arguing here, no discussion, period, double-stamp!

For the longest time these chips were THE chips for Chip Review.  They were our go to. They were our favorites. Numero uno, without a doubt.  They were the single most daring, original and challenging Doritos flavor to ever grace this chip-filled earth.  Anyone, and everyone, who ever gave these chips a taste, immediately knew that they were tasting something a bit…..different! A bit………..better, than all the rest!

And so, just as quickly as they appeared into our chip filled lives, and changed them forever, they were gone again.  They completely vanished from every shelf, everywhere!  Alarms were sounded!  Moms were called!!  How could Doritos do this to us?!?  The people (being us) were not going to stand for this.  Luckily, we didn’t have to, and Doritos heard our cries and returned Salsa Verde! to our lives only a short time later.  However, this disappearing act has become some sort of torture, or powerful control, that Doritos simply loves to exude over us every so often.  One day we will be taking our usual stroll through the greatest aisle on earth, and we will happily observe those easily identifiable, lovely bright green Doritos bags; and then the next day vamoose – nowhere to be found!!  Doritos will, for one reason or another, keep their greatest chips from us for weeks, months, and sometimes what seems like even years.  But, once again, Salsa Verde’s hiatus does not last, and suddenly there they are, standing there, shining brighter than all of the other Doritos bags!

To accurately try and describe the flavor profile of the Salsa Verde tortilla chips, seems an impossible feat.  But, that is what we do, and thus we shall try.  To start, they are all at once spicy, earthy, salty, vegetal, fresh, tangy, complex, and powerful, yet subtle, and simple!  They ignite each of our senses, and all of our taste buds!  Honestly, they really do taste like they have been sprinkled with a deliciously fresh and spicy, green tomatillo and jalapeno, salsa powder.  As we glance through the ingredients list we notice a few surprising, and noteworthy ingredients, that are probably worth mentioning.  First off, there is natural chicken flavor?!  We assume to add some sort of depth and richness.  Next, there are not only spices, but spice extractives.  Which we take to mean that Doritos isn’t messing around here!  Finally, there are parsley and lemon juice; both adding that touch of freshness we mentioned above.  Put everything together, and you have an unbeatable flavor bonanza!

Obviously, over the years we have found plenty of other chips that have wowed us, and even garnered our highest praise and rating – the coveted: “A” list endorsement!!  Whether or not any of these other amazing chips are actually better than Doritos Salsa Verde chips is its own argument, but we like to think that at any moment in time, depending on our moods, or the weather, our all-time favorite chips could be anyone of our “A” listers….and, we’re just happy that when we are in the mood for Doritos Salsa Verde, that we can actually find them on our local grocery store shelves!!

Do yourselves a huge favor and grab these chips whenever you happen to spot them!!!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think. Agree or disagree, let us know.

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