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Torres Selecta – Black Truffle Premium Potato Chips

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Torres Selecta - Black Truffle Premium Potato Chips


Aromatic maximus-truffle-ness!!

As far as we can recall Torres Selecta’s Premium Potato Chips are the first truffle flavored snack that we’ve encountered that actually includes REAL pieces of black tuffles (aromas as well).  It seems as though typically in the snack world truffle flavored anything is seasoned using either truffle oil, or possibly truffle salt.

The black truffle flavor/scent was quite faint at first, and initially we were thinking that the overall truffle presence was going to underwhelm.  However, the black truffle flavor and aroma did grow, exponentially in fact, with each and every potato chip more that we tasted!  Wonderfully delicious, earthy, slightly peppery and sweet, but above all else, aromatic!!  Powerfully fungal, aromatics to be exact!!

Torres Selecta’s Premium Potato Chips are paper thin, slightly greasy, and extra crispy.  Unfortunately, the chips aren’t very much to write home about.  They certainly provided nothing in the form of competition, or even counterbalance, for the powerful flavor and aroma of the black truffles!  They simply do their job of delivering the black truffle flavor to us on a palatable, crispy, salty, medium.  In our humble opinion, we would have hoped for an even more “premium” potato chip that could provide a substantial backdrop to the truffle.  In other words, and we can’t believe that we are saying this, in the end the chips are verging on being too truffle-y!

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