REVIEW: Popchips – New! Tuscan Herb Veggie Chips

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PopChips - Tuscan Herb Veggie Chips


How would it sound to you if we said that we just tasted some spinach, navy bean, kale, chickpea, beet, pea, pumpkin, tomato and red bell pepper chips?

That’s what we thought!

As if we didn’t already dislike the majority of Popchips enough already, they have decided to go ahead and use one of what we consider the oldest, most gimmicky chip tricks in the book!  Chips, disguised as vegetables.  In this case, popped veggie chips.  The funny thing is, despite Popchips’ declaration from the back of their bag that they ”pop a flavorful blend of nine (count’em, nine) veggies and add our zesty tuscan herb blend for tasty chips that are light, crispy, and gluten free;” the very first ingredient listed on the back of these veggie chips is still good old trusty potatoes!  Kind of ironic, don’t you think?  Not to say that Popchips is lying to us, because according to the list of veggies above, the ingredients do in fact include at least nine vegetables.  It’s just we wonder, no we ask, ‘why’?

According to the visual on the front of the bag, Popchips has suggested that there are five different colored Popchips within this bag of veggie chips; however, in the end, our eyes could only decipher four distinct colored chips within the bag – green, orange-ish red, golden tan, and lighter white potato.  Our mouths on the other hand, could decipher practically zero flavor difference between the multiple colored chips, and only a slightly noticeable textural difference between them.  So again, we ask, what exactly is the reason for the veggie chips?

The tuscan herb seasoning blend was rather potent, and from what we could decipher consisted of a wide melange of flavors, most prominent of which were salt, tomato and thyme.  The seasoning blend was adequate, but did not wow us for any reason.  So, in the end, Popchips new Veggie Chips aren’t bad for any reason, it’s just that they don’t necessarily bring anything new or exciting to the table for us!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

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