BIJOU-REVIEW: Mariano’s – Fresh Fried Seasoned Deli Chips

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Mariano's - Delit Style Potato ChipsThose of you living outside of the Chicago area may not be familiar with Mariano’s grocery stores, but who knows, with the way that they have been expanding lately, you maybe familiar with them one day….very soon.

In a nutshell Mariano’s is an “upscale” grocery store that includes all of the typical big box grocery store items, but then then at the same time also includes higher end amenities such as a sit down sushi bar, beer and wine available to drink while you shop, wood fired pizza, an in store popcorn “shop”, and much more.  Long description short, they are a great place to pick up something to eat, while shopping for groceries.

On our most recent visit to Mariano’s we spotted this bag of Fresh Fried Seasoned Deli Potato Chips, and thought they deserved a quick crunch and examination.

First thing we noticed right off the bat is that these are some really thick cut potato chips, delivering an extra hardy crunch.

But with that thick cut also came lots of fry oil potato absorption…..aka, greasy, or let’s say oily chips.

To go along with that, the potato chips themselves do not have very much potato flavor.  All we really tasted was the oil, and the deli seasoning.

The deli seasoning seemed to be a riff on the traditional salt and pepper combo.  It contained plenty of salt, and big black pepper specs, as well as some garlic and onion for flavor.

The seasoning, along with the crunch, were the best things about these chips.

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Chips spotted at Mariano’s; Westchester, Illinois

Mariano’s Official Website

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