REVIEW: Doritos JACKED – Test Flavor: 404 (Caribbean Citrus Jerk)

Rating: ©©©©-1/4 chips  (lip-smacking)

*UPDATED: 7/8/14 (upon flavor reveal)

Doritos Jacked - Test Flavor 404Now that Doritos has disclosed that the winning flavor of their Bold Flavor Experiment is none other than Test Flavor: 855, we felt like this entire experiment, and experience, deserved a bit more conversation.

Test Flavor: 404: Caribbean Citrus Jerk

Our final ranking: 1st place 2nd place

Thoughts on the reveal:  Honestly, we would prefer the name to be Caribbean Jerk.  Inserting the ‘Citrus’ adjective simply seems forced, and unnecessary.  That being said, we love Doritos’ decision, and execution, with this flavor.  Upon revisiting the flavors after their reveal, we really do taste the Caribbean Jerk flavor notes.  Based on all of the comments below, Doritos really had people going with this one.  Everything from curry, to Asian wings, to Cajun crawfish, to even Samosa cookies.  Thank you Doritos for such an amazing flavor experiment!

>> Original Review Below <<

Just the other day we reviewed the first of Doritos three all new ‘Test Flavors”.  Number 2653.  That’s right, two-six-five-three, or perhaps, twenty-six, fifty-three.  All of course depending upon how you recognize different number configurations.  Either way, 2653 has a really nice ring to it doesn’t it?  “Please pass the the 2653’s.”  “Honey, make sure you grab some 2653’s at the store!”  “What’s your favorite flavor?  2653 of course!”

Rather than bore you with a bunch of repetitive wittiness lifted from our first Test Flavor review, we will simply direct you to head on over there, to hear what we think about Doritos Bold Flavor Experiment (which is really pretty brilliant don’t you think)!?!

*Quick side note: We here at Chip Review have never been the hugest fans of the JACKED line from Doritos.  They are indeed – BIGGER – BOLDER & THICKER, and while we have no problem with the bolder aspect (bolder of course equaling more flavor); our issue with the JACKED Doritos lies in the tortilla chips themselves.  The chips just seem too big, and their texture is so thick that they no longer encompass that perfect Doritos light, crispy crunch that we all know and love. *end side note

Well, regardless of a special “flavor experiment”, or ‘test flavor 1-2-3-4-5″, we are always excited when we spot new Doritos on our local supermarket shelves (slightly less excited when they are the JACKED version, but still excited)!  Doritos have stood the test of time, and we expect that one day our grandchildren’s children will be writing reviews about some deliciously new ginger tree-bark flavored tortilla chips!  We will not delve deeply into our thoughts on what we think either of the two other flavors may possibly be, but based solely on their listed ingredients, we suspect that from Test Flavor: 855 we could be getting some form of hot wings with bleu cheese (too simple, and safe – we know, probably not).  From Test Flavor: 2653*, we suspect to taste some spicy chocolate (which could really compliment Doritos corn tortilla chips). *now that we have tasted the 2653’s, you can find out what flavor we really think they are over here.

As for Test Flavor: 404, well, let’s just say that this bag’s ingredients made us think we were going to love them the most!  But, what they really ended up tasting like, versus what we expected them to taste like, were not one in the same.  Yet, despite still tasting pretty lip-smacking, we really cannot pinpoint what we were tasting.  Let’s break down what we thought: 1) Loads of sweet citrus notes propelled from the bag when we opened it.  The aroma really accentuates the true corn tortilla essence.  2) CITRUS – lime and orange.  3) The sweetness is evident, but not overwhelming.  Very complimentary to the citrus.  4) The more JACKED chips we ate, the more pronounced, and powerful, the citrus flavor really became.  5) garlic.  When combined with the sweet citrus, evoked thoughts of Asian sweet and sour.  6) Light vinegar splash added some depth.  7) The real stumper was the indecipherable combination of generically defined “spices”.  It definitely did not help matters for distinguishing what we were tasting, but it did help us to not stop eating!  8) Have we mentioned citrus?!

So, in the end, what do we think Doritos has attempted to create with Test Flavor: 404?? Drum roll please……..

Our money is on (actually we are not willing to put our money on anything for these ones, that’s right Doritos you stumped us!).  However, if we were using your money, we may be willing to put some on: sweet garlic mojo!!  Or, maybe lime splashed chorizo tacos? Spicy chile margherita? Sweet and Sour? Sweet & Sour Chile?  Oh heck, we’re sticking with 404!

There you have it.  Another one of three test flavors down the review hatch.  Anyone else out there tried them yet? Thoughts?

As always we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree.  Let us know.

Chips discovered at Target; Willowbrook, Illinois

Doritos Official Website

Chip Ratings Scale:

(1/4 increments)

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©© tolerable

©©© – notable

©©©© – lip-smacking

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32 thoughts on “REVIEW: Doritos JACKED – Test Flavor: 404 (Caribbean Citrus Jerk)

  1. I, too, have tasted the Doritos Jacked Test Flavors and enjoyed 404 the best. I immediately thought of Cajun food when I opened the bag and the taste was that of Cajun crawfish. Yes?

    • @ KB – thanks for the comments. Cajun Crawfish would sure be a cool flavor! Not sure if we tasted any of those flavors, but then again these chips are really stumped us. Pretty sure if we tried them again, we may taste something completely different! We love how Test Flavor: 404 seems to be drawing all different types of conclusions.

  2. 404 is the only flavor I’ve tried so far. Peculiar, but not in a bad way. I may buy a couple extra bags to keep unopened.

    When I run into completely unfamiliar spices, I immediately start thinking Persia or India. There’s something about this mix that makes me think of the seasonings that were in the recipe the one time I tried to make homemade shawarma. Cardamom pods?

    • @ WH – thanks for the comments. Yep, there were certainly some flavors going on with these that we couldn’t pinpoint either. We may have to given them another shot to see if we can spot any Cardamom as well!

  3. I have tried all three and I have to hand it to them; all of them are a home run for me. 855 reminded me of the Chile Cheese tortilla’s (burittos, not sure what they were besides delicious) that Taco Bell used to offer on thier menu. I think you hit it right on the head with 2653; definately a Mole taste. As for 404…I’m sort of with you..stumped. I definately get the lime and brown sugar, but the spice tast is driving me up a wall. At first I get a hint of almost Cumin (but not quite), and the after taste reminds me of Safron (which I taste stronger and stronger as time goes by). Not sure what to call it, but I would give it a Moraccon Spicy Chip (reminds me of the chickpea dish from there).

    • @ Katie – thanks for the comment. Curry, huh? We have heard so many different opinions on this flavor, we’re starting to wonder if Doritos put different flavors into different bags of 404?!?!

  4. This is the first review I’ve read but my family has tried all 3 flavors. My kids love trying new flavors, with spicy & hot being their preferencial choices (they were sooo disappointed with the discontinuation of the Burn flavors). Needless to say, all 3 of these flavors didn’t get past the first taste. The blue bag (not sure the #) smelled (& tasted) like B.O.! We also didn’t find the citris appetizing. My fav of the originals is the cool ranch, their’s the Spicy nacho, but overall we like all the Dorito choices, EXCEPT the experimental.

  5. I have officially tried all three. First the blue bag yesterday, and had to go back to try the other 2 today. The yellow bag is my fave.. I keep eating, and tasting the citrus. The taste is so familiar, but can’t figure out what it is… will probably buy 10 more bags just to figure out what it is. Liked the other two, by they didn’t leave much to the imagination like the yellow bag did.. Chocolate liquor and all.. lol. Yellow bag my absolute favorite!

  6. Tastes like Old Bay to me. Spice put on crabs, potato chips and everything else in the Chesapeake Bay area.

    • @ Robb – thanks for the comment. Old Bay huh? We may have gotten some of those flavor notes. Plain and simple, we’re going to have to taste these again because there are so many different ideas about what flavor the 404s could be!

  7. I find the combination very interesting. I can taste the citrus and garlic, and there’s a trace of heat as well. I can’t tell exactly what it is, but my guess is something Asian…Sweet and Sour Chile maybe.

  8. I’m thinking 404 is like a spicy curry ketchup flavor! Definitely thought 855 was a little too much on the taste buds. I’m still trying to find 2653. Are they still around?

    • @ John – thanks for the comment. We could definitely see how 404 could taste like that combo to you. If is by far the most complex, and perplexing of the three flavors! We still see all three flavors for sale every once in a while, and probably the last place was 7 eleven.

  9. Just tried for first time today. My final guess is Caribbean Jerk – not just from the heat level, borwn sugar, garlic and citrus flavors, but rather from something in the spicing……cardamom was an interesting comment… was the Old Bay (living in Virginia, it’s a familiar one)….. something nutmeg-y? allspice-y? I don’t really know. Whatver it was, I’m finishing the bag 🙂

  10. I am almost positive the 404s are Samosa flavored. I’ve Googled it a few times and nobody else that I can tell has suggested it, so you’ve heard it here first– Samosa!

  11. The flavors rock i like them all
    Great job guys on the three flavors
    why does there have to be just one winner
    why not make all three flavors that add to
    the flavor family

    • I taste some lime some a real great flavor pack that is not only nacho cheese with lime with a mexcican kick wow awesome flavor

  12. I Love, love, love the flavor of 855… but the are just a tad too hot for me.
    Sweat is dripping down my face as I eat them!!!

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