REVIEW: GimMe Chips – Teriyaki Seaweed Rice Chips

Rating©©-3/4 chips  (tolerable)

Gimme Chips - Teriyaki Seaweed Rice ChipsAccording to the back of the bag to your left, GimMe Chips got their name for two reasons: 1) Gim is Korean for seaweed, and Korea is where GimMe Chips grows their seaweed.  Well, that makes perfect sense!  And, 2) GimMe Chips are so crunchelicious, everyone wants more!  Ummm, well, we may not necessarily entirely agree with reason #2.

So that’s right, we got roped into trying some more SEAWEED chips!! We were convinced by the unique flavor – TERIYAKI (don’t see that flavor every day!), and by the inclusion of rice in the chip base (meaning that there couldn’t possibly be enough actual seaweed used in the recipe to really taste that unmistakable ocean flavor, could there?!).

The answer to that question is: YES, there could be!  Once again the unmistakably prominent “ocean” flavor is front and center.  There is no denying that these are seaweed chips, and they do in fact taste like seaweed.  That being said, we found that if you get on a good crunching role, and just keep popping these into your mouth without breathing very much, than you can actually bypass much of that seaweed flavor; but, do note that the moment you pause for some air that unique ocean floor aftertaste creeps up the back of your palette, and gives you no choice but to think about it! If you like that flavor than these may be for you! We, on the other hand do not.

The rice and seaweed chip texture is pretty good. The chips are classic triangular cut, with a rough, dense crunch, and a grainy mouth texture. Let’s just put it this way, their texture sure seems healthy!!

Probably the best part of the chips was the Teriyaki seasoning. That classic flavor combination of tamari (sweet soy sauce), garlic, and onion is a proven winner, and it actually translates pretty well to chips! Certainly on the sweeter side of seasonings, but then again teriyaki means something like glazed – so sugar coated sounds about right.  Teriyaki is certainly not a popular snack flavor.  In fact, according to our Teriyaki flavor database, we have only tried one other Teriyaki flavored chip over the years.  We are thinking that more brands should give this flavor a shot!

In the end, we just haven’t connected, or been sold, on the seaweed chips yet.  Maybe the “ones” are still out there, but we’re not getting our hopes up!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Chips provided to Chip Review from Gimme Chips for review.

Gimme Chips Official Website

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