REVIEW: Fire Corn – White Cheddar Jalapeño Popcorn

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Fire Corn - White Cheddar Jalapeno PopcornOften times, sequels fall very short of the greatness that their predecessors provided.  But!  Sometimes, just sometimes, there are those amazing exceptions that defy history!  Those concepts that have taken everything great from the original, and used that as a basis to somehow create something just as good…if not better!!  Case in point Greg “B.A.” Anders Fire Corn White Cheddar Real Jalapeno Popcorn!

A little while back we reviewed and raved about Greg “B.A.” Anders (original) Fire Corn.  Plain and simple, it is really amazing stuff!!  And, just like with a great sequel, we are not going to try and reinvent the review (if for some reason you have not yet read our review of the original Fire Corn – HERE – you really should do that before anything else)!  If, for some other reason, you are unwilling to do such a thing, then so be it, and you are probably not going to truly understand the plot line of our review!

Fire Corn and White Cheddar Real Jalapeno Fire Corn are easily the best popcorn that we have tried this year, and actually among the best popcorn we have ever tried period!  Greg “B.A.” Anders Fire Corn (Real Jalapeno Popcorn) is a what we would like to refer to as a true artisan product.  What elevates this popcorn to that amazing handcrafted level is the use of only a few simple, high quality ingredients, executed tremendously, and frankly the amazing decision to combine real jalapeno slices, white cheddar cheese and popcorn!

The white cheddar variation takes the original recipe, and simply adds another delicious flavor layer to the mix. And we mean delicious!  Fire Corn’s white cheddar seasoning is easily some of the tastiest and creamiest white cheddar we have ever tried!  The smooth, creamy, salty, white cheddar layer doesn’t only add great flavor to the popcorn but also helps to subdue just a bit of the jalapeno heat (which we could see being a touch too spicy for some people out there).

In the end, we should probably point out that as good as both the Original Fire Corn and White Cheddar Fire Corn are on their own, if you can score a bag of each, and enjoy them together in delicious popcorn harmony, you will definitely be thanking us for a long time to come!!

And, just because we love this sort of thing, we thought we should share with you a little bit of Greg “B.A.” Anders Fire Corn Story:

Being a fighter pilot takes extreme focus and discipline. Hours are spent studying execution and strategy. On every flight, a pilot pushes himself and his aircraft to the very limits.  One of the great traditions of fighter pilots is gathering after training flights to unwind and debrief over brews and jalapeño popcorn called Fire Corn. It’s a spicy mix of fiery popcorn and real jalapeño slices that are slow-fired to a satisfying crisp.  As a Lt-Colonel retired from the Air Force, it’s a tradition I’ve enjoyed for years. And now it’s a tradition I want to share with you.  We hand-craft Fire Corn in small batches that stay true to the fighter pilot original recipe: jalepeños, popcorn and a dash of salt. Just three ingredients mixed to a spicy perfection. Have it for the game, BBQs, or wherever good times await…

Is Greg for real?  We’re guessing that you just can’t make this stuff up, but seriously, this sort of story is hard to believe, and seems too good to be real!  Then again, this delicious popcorn tradition had to spawn from somewhere, and who better to create such a strategically delicious and daring combination than fighter pilots!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think. Agree or disagree, let us know.

Popcorn provided to Chip Review by Fire Corn Popcorn for review

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