REVIEW: Palo Popcorn – Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese

Rating: ©©©©-1/4 chips  (lip-smacking)

Palo Popcorn - Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese


A few days ago we made the declaration here at Chip Review that 2013 is the Year of Great Popcorn.  We may only be a third of a way through the 2013 calendar year, but we have already tasted, and reviewed, so many amazingly delicious popcorns and kettle corns!!  We’ve enjoyed everything from terrific versions of classic flavors like white cheddar , kettle corn with Himalayan sea salt, and caramel & cheese Chicago Mix, to creative new takes like sweet & salty cheddar, and kettle corn with black licorice flavored hints of Anise.

Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin?  Yep, She-boy-gan.  Located near Lake Michigan, halfway between Milwaukee and Green Bay.  Home to Bemis Manufacturing Company (world’s largest toilet seat producer,, the Ducktona 500 (the more earth-friendly great race), and premium popcorn maker extraordinaire Palo Popcorn – along with a county chock full of lucky popcorn lovers, if they know what’s good for them!!

Palo Popcorn’s jalapeno cheddar popcorn – similar to their white cheddar popcorn – is much different than most popcorn.  We are pretty sure that we’ve cracked their tasty secret code (which we did by simply reading the back of the bag): Palo Popcorn is popped in coconut oil, dusted with their own special salt (delicious), and then drenched (no exaggeration) in real Wisconsin Cheddar (there is no better), making sure to coat each and every last kernel thoroughly.  The flavorful pungent cheddar cheese seasoning interplays very well with the spicy jalapeno pepper.  The popcorn exudes  a very creamy, nearly moist quality, and yet still retains its soft crispness somehow.  The kernels are of the smaller variety, and have a crunchy and fresh texture despite the heavy coating of cheese.

We don’t know what else we can tell you.  This is great tasting popcorn.  We love when the small company can show the big dogs how it should be done.  If you ever happen to be passing through Wisconsin and spot this popcorn on the store shelves, do yourself a huge favor and grab as many bags as you can!!  Just be careful not to eat it all at once!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think. Agree or disagree, let us know.

Popcorn provided to Chip Review from Palo Popcorn for review

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2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Palo Popcorn – Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese

  1. I seriously LOVE this popcorn. Used toto be, whenever we drove to Green Bay we picked up a dozen bags. Green Bay is a 3 1/2 hour drive from where I live. Luckily, Palo has expanded their distribution circle, and we can now buy it in our town. Yay!!

    • Hi Sharon, thanks for your comments. We love to hear from people who love their snacks!! Unfortunately for us Palo has not expanded into our area yet…..

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