REVIEW: Chef’s Shoppe – Bacon Cheddar Popcorn

Rating: ©©©©-1/4 chips  (lip-smacking)

Chef's Shoppe - Bacon CheddarBacon and Cheddar.  Quite possibly as classic of culinary combination as peanut butter and jelly.  And certainly just as delicious.

We’ve tried A LOT of bacon cheddar flavored snacks over the years.  But, looking back we were very surprised to find that we didn’t love very many of them.

The same cannot be said for Chef’s Shoppe’s Bacon Cheddar Popcorn – this stuff is lip-smacking!  Then again, should we have even doubted this popcorn?  You may remember Chef’s Shoppe from such amazing “A” list hits as Sriracha-Cheese and Spicy Beer Cheese – both easily make our Top Popcorn list of all-time.  In other words, Chef’s Shoppe makes such delicious popcorn that they can even take a flavor combination that we apparently do not like in snack form very much, and turn it into a real lip-smacking winner!

First of all, this popcorn has real bacon bits in it!  No, we’re not talking about “real” bacon like Bacos, we’re talking about broken up pieces of deliciously fatty bacon!  And, the result is of course…..loads of real bacon flavor!  Crispy, porky, salty, slightly smoky, delicious bacon!

Secondly, our taste buds are shockingly impressed by just how super salty this stuff is!  Seriously, we had to apply Chapstick at least three times just while taste testing the popcorn!  A liberal yellow cheddar cheese dusting provided a delicious level of creaminess, a dash of tang, and of course that healthy dosage, or two, or three, of SALT!!

So, there you have it.  If you are like us and love bacon & cheddar pretty much anything than you will be happy to know that this popcorn is the real tasty deal!

As always, these are our thoughts. Agree or disagree, make sure to let us know.

Popcorn provided to Chip Review by J & V for review

Chef’s Shoppe Official Website

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©© tolerable

©©© – notable

©©©© – lip-smacking

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