REVIEW: Sabritas – Pake-Taxo – Mezcladito (Rancheritos, Cheetos, Sabritones, Fritos)

Rating: ©©©© chips  (lip-smacking)

Sabritas - Pake-Taxo MezcladitoAnd yet another pretty great Frito Lay Mexico find from our favorite Illinois Tollway Oasis!

We had to dig deep into the archives to make sure that these Pake-Taxo were not just another reboot Sabrita Mix of sorts, but as much as they may be similar to Sabritas Fiesta Mix, they are also slightly different.

In fact, if we were being really picky, these Pake-Taxo are just another Frito Lay’s / Sabritas snack mix reboot that simply combines preexisting snacks.  Similar to the likes of Cheetos Mix-Ups, Frito Lay’s Munchies, and Doritos Mixes.

And just like with all of those other mixes, the sum of those parts are not quite as delicious as the individual items themselves.

Sabritas Pake-Taxo Mezcladito are a fun mix consisting of a sort of weird combination of three different flavors of Fritos (chile y limón, sal y limon, chorizo chipotle), some Rancheritos (aka Sabritas “Doritos” Ranchero flavor), and Cheetos Spicy/Chili-Cheese Bolitas (aka cheese balls!).  Many of these different items we have tasted and reviewed individually.

For the most part the overall flavor theme sprinkled throughout this mixed bag is most definitely chile and lime, aka chile y limón.

It is blatantly apparent that the vastly abundant mix ingredient here are the Sabritones.  Seriously, easily half of the bag is made up of Sabritones’ puffed wheat based, chicharrones inspired, crunchy snacks.

The rest of the mix consists of a fairly even combination of the remaining components.  That being said, it was fairly difficult to distinguish the differences in flavor between the three Fritos.

We really can’t stand it when a mix cannot be enjoyed in a single harmonious handful.  And yet, the individual components themselves are still lip-smacking enough on their own that we did not have any problem crunching our way through this Pake-Taxo Mezcladito!

Discovered at 7-eleven; Hwy. 294, Hinsdale Oasis, Illinois

Pake-Taxo Official Website

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