REVIEW: Yamayoshi – Spicy Sour Plum? or Sour Plum & Chili? Potato Chips (Japan)

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Yamayoshi - Sour Plum Potato Chips


Holy wow-wow-woozy!?!?!  What on earth have we got here?  We know for sure that they are potato chips, and that they are from a company called Yamayoshi, because both of those items are in English, but beyond that we really did not know very much going into these chips.

After a little bit of research, as well as, asking some friends if they could shed any light on these chips, we are certain now that the wrinkly red balls sitting front and center of this chip bag are none other than sour plums.  What we couldn’t decipher or clarify with any certainty, was the red chili at the top of the bag.  The chips definitely have some heat to them, but what their exact flavor name is, we are not sure?  So, from this point on, we’re going with Spicy Chili Sour Plum – whether or not we are correct!

What we are 100% sure about is that these potato chips from Yamayoshi are bar none the single best chips from the wonderful array of Japanese potato chips that our good friends S&A brought back from their trip abroad!  In fact, they are some of the best chips we have tasted this entire year!  The funny thing is, the best chips from that group, up until this point, were Yamayoshi’s Wasabeef.  So, apparently, we must be fans of Yamayoshi!

Yamayoshi’s Spicy Chili Sour Plum Potato Chips encompass a wholly unique extravaganza, that spans the flavor spectrum, and tests the limits of our taste buds.  Sour meets sweet meets salty meets fruity, and wait, what’s that meets spicy, very spicy!!  The potato chips themselves are light, medium thick, tightly rippled, with a strong potato essence!!  Somehow the potato chips’ natural flavor is powerful enough to juxtapose the commanding seasoning combination, and at the same time provide a perfect backdrop for enjoying those flavors.

The spicy chili sour plum combination ranks these chips squarely among the truly great, uniquely flavored potato chips like Kettle Brand’s Spicy Thai, or Hawaiian’s Mango Habanero.  Like those great chips, these Yamayoshi chips have no equals, and are unlike any chips before them.  We can’t exactly pinpoint what other types other seasonings are included among these chips, maybe cardamon, or star anise?  Either way, we can’t get enough of them.  Again, wow!

These are our thoughts, agree or disagree, make sure to let us know!

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