REVIEW: Ruffles Deep Ridged – Buffalo Wild Wings Classic Hot Wings Potato Chips

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Ruffles Deep Ridged - Buffalo Wild Wings Classic Hot Wings Potato Chips

Ruffles, will your quest for the ultimate ridged potato chips ever be complete?!  How deep must your ridges dive to satisfy your wavy urges?  This ridge-sanity must end!!  However, in the meantime, we will gladly crunch away at your Deep Ridged potato chips!!

Correct us if we are wrong, but has Ruffles simply re-branded their line of Ultimate potato chips, under the new moniker Deep Ridged?  And, are “ridges 2X as deep” even more deep than “now with deeper ridges?!?”  Who’s in charge around here?!  “Ruffles have Ridges”, but now those ridges have become 2X’s deeper, and consequently, the most wavy-ridged chips that we have ever laid our lips on.  Wow!  So deep in fact, that our tongues could barely reach the bottoms of their potato chip canyons!

We always get excited here at Chip Review when we see a chip brand utilizing another company’s already established, and easily recognizable, product.  In this case, Ruffles has decided to take advantage of the uber-popular, chicken wing, mega-chain known to all as Buffalo Wild Wings!  We like how it is both risky, and beneficial to the chip company.  Risky, because many people already know how the flavor is supposed to taste, and may have some preconceived notions as to how the flavor should taste on the chips.  Beneficial, because the flavor, or popular product, is already a proven success – so why not ride their tasty coat tails!

We are pleased to report that Ruffles BWW’s classic hot wing flavored potato chips taste pretty great!  Loads and loads of flavor.  And while we can’t confirm with great certainty that the flavor accurately represents BWW’s classic hot wings, we can verify that the chips tasted like buffalo wing sauce flavored chicken wing potato chips to us!  The chips encompass a pungent blast of cayenne and vinegar initially, and then as they mellow, a touch of sweetness, reminiscent of ketchup unveiled itself.  Lastly, a strong, savory chicken flavor presence appeared.  Frito Lay seems to have utilized their same chicken flavor recipe trifecta of chicken fat, broth and powder.  Most recently we spotted this chicken flavor recipe in Doritos Jacked Ranch Dipped Hot Wings.

In the end, regardless of whether Ruffles calls them Deep Ridged or Ultimate, these potato chips are super rippled, and sure are a lot of fun for our mouths to crunch on.  If you like hot wing flavored chips you will not be disappointed!  And while they may not make our Top 5 Buffalo Wing flavored chips, they are certainly up there!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think. Agree or disagree, let us know.

Discovered at Target; Hillside, Illinois

Ruffles Official Website

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7 thoughts on “REVIEW: Ruffles Deep Ridged – Buffalo Wild Wings Classic Hot Wings Potato Chips

  1. great taste but the chips are a little hard and the ridges are a little to deep, other than that a great tasting chip. If I had to rate it form a scale 1 to 10, 1 being bad and 10 being the best over all I will give it a 7. I love the flavor I will give that a 9

  2. We can’t find them on the grocery store shelves any longer, too bad because we’re craving them bad! Please don’t let them go away!!!

    • Same here!!!!!! I should have bought 20 bags if i knew they were going… now they got the all dressed that tastes just like bbq… realllyy?????

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