REVIEW: Oolala Potato Chips – Saffron & Olive Oil

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Oolala - Saffron & Olive OilOOOOooooo La La!!

We have passed by Oolala’s variety of flavored premium potato chips probably a handful of times, at various retail outposts, and why, we never felt the urge or need to pick up a bag before now, we can’t be certain?  Having now tasted them, we realize that we must have just known that these chips were not something we would be impressed with.

First, the positives.  The potato chips themselves are pretty darn good.  Thicker cut, hearty crunch, really decent potato flavor, and a bit of character.  Think kettle cooked potato chips.  Also, we do taste the aforementioned olive oil, which mingles very well with the light dusting of salt coating the chips.  As regular old potato chips we would have thought that these were great!

Saffron as most of us know it, is available in vibrantly, crimson colored, dried strands from the stigma of a flower.  By weight, it is one of the most expensive spices in the world.  Saffron is often used to either flavor or aromatically enhance a dish, or to simply color it.

The major negative with these chips is that we are not impressed with their saffron output.  First, we cannot smell any of the unmistakable aroma that should permeate from iconic spice.  Instead we simply smell a combination of fried potato and olive oil.  Secondly, we were excited to see tiny red specs scattered thoroughly among the crispy chips, but one glance to the back of the back and we discover that these specs are in fact not saffron (which is only present (supposedly) in extract form), but rather dried tomato.  We’re guessing that this tomato is most likely meant to trick us into thinking that these chips have been dusted in saffron – which we did, momentarily.  Lastly, we do not taste saffron.  Maybe, just maybe, if we strained all of our senses, we could notice the slightest hint of something earthy, floral, sweet, exotic…..but, we could also have just been trying to convince ourselves of that….either way, not impressed with the saffron flavor.

Based on these chips we definitely would want to try some other Oolala flavors to see if they can nail any of those, but we’ll be fine not trying these Saffron ones ever again.

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think. Agree or disagree, let us know.

Chips discovered at Walmart; Villa Park, Illinois

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